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Race and the Cultural Industries Conference

Did you make me for a gap in the market
Did I make me for a gap in the market

Extract from the poem ‘Booking Khan Singh Kumar’ by Daljit Nagra

The most unwholesome ideas of ethnic absolutism hold sway and they have been incorporated into the structures of the political economy of funding black arts. The tokenism, patronage and nepotism that have become intrinsic to the commodification of black culture rely absolutely on an absolute sense of ethnic difference

Paul Gilroy (Small Acts, 1993, pg 110-111)

The Conference

A one-day conference organised by the Media Industries Research Centre (MIRC), University of Leeds, in conjunction with the MeCCSA Race Network and the ECREA Media Industries and Cultural Production Temporary Working Group

Wednesday 14th September 2011, Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds

*Race and the Cultural Industries* explores issues of ‘race’, the media and cultural production. Following Greg Dyke’s famous comment that the BBC is ‘hideously white’ there has been an increasing recognition of how non-whites are marginalised in the cultural industries – both in terms of participation and portrayal. Indeed, in recent years there have been numerous initiatives launched across the cultural sector that have made efforts to increase and encourage participation from minority communities. Yet tensions remain regarding social and cultural barriers to entry as well as critical issues to do with the representation of non-white groups.  The aim of the conference is to go beyond policy debates and think more critically about the cultural industries, and the post-colonial formations and cultural politics of ‘race’ in the West.

*Race and the Cultural Industries* is an interdisciplinary conference and will cover all sectors of the media, from news to entertainment, taken from the UK or more international contexts. It seeks to encourage participation from cultural practitioners as well as scholars in order to create a dialogue between research, policy and practice.







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