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Race and the Cultural Industries Conference

Did you make me for a gap in the market
Did I make me for a gap in the market

Extract from the poem ‘Booking Khan Singh Kumar’ by Daljit Nagra

The most unwholesome ideas of ethnic absolutism hold sway and they have been incorporated into the structures of the political economy of funding black arts. The tokenism, patronage and nepotism that have become intrinsic to the commodification of black culture rely absolutely on an absolute sense of ethnic difference

Paul Gilroy (Small Acts, 1993, pg 110-111)



9:20 Registration


9:50 Welcome and introduction

Anamik Saha and David Hesmondhalgh (University of Leeds)


10 – 10:45 Keynote:

Tanika Gupta, MBE (playwright and screenwriter) – ‘A writer’s journey through racial politics in the cultural industries’


11:00 – 12:40 Panel 1 – ‘Race’ and creative work

Chair – Bethany Klein (University of Leeds)

Eithne Quinn (University of Manchester) – ‘A piece of the action: The racial struggle for jobs and resources in post-civil rights Hollywood’

Mark Percival (Queen Margaret University) – ‘Performing race, gender and identity in Scotland: black and mixed race musicians and actors in Glasgow’

Annelies Thoelen & Patrizia Zanoni (Hasselt University) – ‘Crafting success by “fitting in” and “standing out”: Ethnic minority entrepreneurs’ construction of legitimacy in the creative industries’

Mark Banks and Jason Toynbee (Open University) – ‘British jazz and the black creative city’


12:40 – 13:40 Lunch


13:40 – 15:20 Panel 2 – The politics of ‘race’ in cultural production

Chair – Helen Thornham (University of Leeds)

Sarita Malik (Brunel University) – ‘Diversity, broadcasting and the politics of representation’

Lee Edwards (Manchester Business School) – ‘Understanding intersections of privilege and disadvantage in the cultural industries: Managing ‘race’ in public relations’

Keir Keightley (University of Western Ontario) – ‘Racing around the world, listening to yourself: centre, periphery, and the global audio spectacular’

Sanjay Sharma (Brunel University) and Ash Sharma (University of East London) – ‘Producing ‘independent’ knowledge: the racial economy of darkmatter journal’


15:40 -1700 Panel 3 – Representational politics

Chair – Daniela Berghahn (Royal Holloway)

Chris Paterson (University of Leeds) – ‘Global television and the representation of Africans’

Rinella Cere (Sheffield Hallum University) – ‘The media representation of Muslim women radicalised by a post 9/11 society’

Julie Firmstone (University of Leeds) – ‘The dangerous ‘other’: constructions of Muslims in the British press’


17:15: 18:00 End keynote:

Mykaell Riley (University of Westminster) – ‘Dub to dubstep: Assimilation or selected memory loss’


(Please note this is a provisional programme and subject to change.)







































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